The Sanofi Pasteur extranet platform has migrated to a newer access solution. Please find more information below:

Migration FAQ

    Why Sanofi Pasteur extranet access / SPNet is changing ? In order to rationalize and simplify the external access for applications, a global and unique extranet access solution is being deployed.

    What is changing, what do I have to do ? User access connection has evolved but access right to applications remains the same. Unless specifically notified above, access to your application is now done via this new link: Please take a moment to update your bookmark accordingly.

    Why some applications are not accessible anymore with the new extranet solution? Migration of the access to applications has been done based on the availability and usage of them via the SPNet solution and targeted for external users. Sanofi pasteur users can access all business applications with a company laptop. For more information please visit this link.

    What to do if I need further assistance on accessing a specific application? Please contact the Sanofi service desk. Contact information are in right corner.


Sanofi Employees and Contractors

Please contact your local service desk for support.
  • Europe & Africa
    ---- +33 1 70 75 78 90
  • North, Central and South America
    ---- +1 908 981 4357
  • Asia & Pacific
    ---- +65 6431 2295